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Ulrich Renz


Let me give you a brief insight into my life. I'm Ulrich Renz, the author of "Sleep Tight, Little Wolf" and "The Wild Swans". Before being a writer, I beat my professional way on some other tracks. I was a student of French literature in Paris, where I also took language courses in Russian and Spanish. I then decided to be a medical doctor and graduated from Medical School in Lübeck. I worked as a doctor for two years, before starting to write and publish textbooks and reference books for health professionals and scientists. I headed a scientific publishing company for some years, but at some point got tired of sitting on a CEO chair, and (re)started writing. No textbooks any longer, but non-fiction for "normal" people, and - finally - children's books. My children's detective series, "Motte & Co", has been translated into English (under the name of "Bo & Friends".

► Website "Motte & Co" (in German)

► Website "Bo & Friends" (in English)

I live in Lübeck, in the very north of Germany (if you not know Lübeck: it is situated near the city of Hamburg, with the Baltic Sea not far away.) Together with my wife Kirsten Bödeker we run the little publishing company Sefa Verlag, which is the home of our bilingual series of children's books.

If you wish, you can find more detailed information about me → here. If you have some knowledge of German come and meet me on my → personal website.

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